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  1. Great Poster! I am curious to know if there are any other venoms or compounds derived (poisonous or not) that are used in antibiotics?

    1. Venom from bees, snakes, scorpions, and plants have contributed to medicinal treatments in the past that include antibiotics. Many of these venoms are venomous to humans so its most likely that their active compounds have been extracted to treat humans without being poisonous.

  2. If you repeated the experiment that you attributed to human error and still had the inconsistent data, what could that suggest?

    1. If the data is inconsistent in the way the diagram suggest, then there would be a hit on the antibiotic side at 0.01 micromoles. This would suggest that Vidatox could be a potential antibiotic at this concentration. This would be very interesting and need to be explored to understand this difference.

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