4 thoughts on “D112 – Wubbena

  1. I like how throughly your poster was explained! Is it possible for Vitadox to be found anywhere else? Do you think vitadox will end up being successful in the future?

    1. Thanks for the question! Vidatox is found in blue scorpions which are actually all over North and South America! Unfortunately, we believed, because Vidatox has been mostly used as a chemotherapy, that when Vidatox was used in lower doses it would be a great antibiotic but with the results being growth promoting I have little belief it will work at any dose as an antibiotic. However, I would love to see future work with Vidatox as a chemotherapy!

  2. I really enjoyed your presentation since you have explained your research very well! In your future direction, you mention that since Vidatox was found in Cuba, there are some language barriers. Does this mean that when you were researching it was difficult to interpret the information due to the research being in a different language or did you mean something else?

    1. Exactly! We actually were not able to find the concentration we were provided when handed the vile and had to take direction from past experiments performed in the lab. There were multiple websites in English as well but little information about this compound. I’m not sure if there would be much more information, though, even without the language barrier due to it being a lesser known compound and being centrally researched in Cuba.

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