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    1. Vidatox is a homeopathic treatment and extremely diluted. Due to its highly diluted nature, Vidatox is shown to have a very low risk of side effects.

  1. This was an awesome presentation that was very thorough in Vidatox. What are the factors that could have produced the outlier in figure 4? Thank you!

    1. I believe this outlier is due to a pipetting mistake as no other plate demonstrates this same anomaly.

  2. Why would lower concentrations yield better results? What would this tell you about the research?

    1. Although we did not determine hits with antibiotic properties, we feel lowering the concentration would aid in a more therapeutic treatment. In homeopathic treatments, compounds are already extremely diluted so we are not 100% sure this would help, but finding the “sweet” spot with dilutions could support more promising results.

  3. Great Job! You mentioned that vidatox is a readily available chemotherapy. Can you speak to some of its success in that regard? Also, I assume vidatox is not the only ‘poison’ that comes from scorpions. Knowing what you know now, what kind of toxin would you like to test instead? According to your poster, vidatox blocks nutrients from entering diseased cells but also enhances the immune response. Are there any toxins that maybe are slightly more harmful to humans (minor side effects and don’t trigger immune response) that still inhibit nutrient delivery?

    1. Vidatox is a homeopathic treatment that is made from the venom of the blue scorpion and it is only claimed to have anti-cancer properties. Although there are studies that prove some of its anti-cancer properties, it is difficult to draw definite conclusions due to the lack of scientific research. I would continue to research different scorpion venoms, as it is proven that there are anti-cancer properties. Unlike the blue scorpion venom tested (Rhopalurus junceus), there are many venoms that are extremely harmful and would completely block an immune response.

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