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  1. Great Presentation Tiger! I was curious what you found was the most difficult part of conducting this experiment? I imagine working with concentrations this small can be taxing.

    1. The hardest part with Vidatox is that the solution best performs in vivo environments. Thus, we often did not meet our hypothesis due to studying in vitro within the cell plate. With the pipetting technology available in lab, working with such small concentrations was made easy.

  2. Do you think that the growth encouragement will continue to increase with the dose?

    1. With the max dosage showing a high absorbance value, I would predict that a higher dosage would display a higher absorbance. This is just basing off of our group’s results and the trend of the graphs. However, I do not recommend exceeding the maximum dosage as it may become toxic and unhealthy for the environment that is being exposed to such a high dose of Vidatox.

  3. Great presentation. You mentioned that the bacteria you guys were reasserting caused similar symptoms in mice as it did in humans. Do you know if primates also would be similarly effected?

    1. With the information we have with Vidatox, treatments as a chemotherapy would be the best known use of administration. We know that Vidatox works best when interacting with an in vivo environment so I would suggest that studies have a potential to be effective in primates. However, it is not known if effects in primates would differ from effects in mice or humans. We also need to determine if Vidatox lowers bacterial concentration in an in vivo environment before observing Vidatox as a treatment.

  4. Vidatox seems like it would be very expensive to produce. How would you predict the availability and practicality would be in a pharmaceutical market?

    1. Great question! Our next steps forward would to be finding out what the active compounds are that kill bacteria within Vidatox. Once the compound is identified, it can be further refined to be produced at a cheaper and more sustainable rate. Thus, as of now, Vidatox is primarily being tested as a cancer treatment while we are still trying to identify the compounds efficient for bacterial infections.

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