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  1. Nice presentation! Do you think that this could be a possible cancer treatment in humans as well as drosophila?

    1. I would say that for this compound, it definitely showed the promise to be a potential chemotherapy, but like lots of other promising compounds there are many more steps that need to take place. With further testing, the compound needs to show that is has the same affect in humans than it did in the drosophila.

  2. Great!
    Do you think that lowering the concentration of the compound would result in it being less effective? Or do you think the concentration would not affect effectiveness that much?

    1. From the dilutions we did in the lab, the percent survival ended up being around the same. I think that if we were to do much lower concentrations, the compound would be less and less effective.

  3. Do you have any ideas as to why substances in grape seeds might be successful at killing cancerous cells?

    1. The only thing we knew to be present in grape seed extract is multiple antioxidants but information about the specifics of these antioxidants was unknown. In further testing of grape seed extract we are going to want to find out any compounds present in the GSE and individually experiment the compounds to find out if there’s a specific compound that works better than others.

    1. It was pretty surprising the find out how effective the grape seed extract was, and like you said how abundant grape seed extract is. I don’t know of any other compounds like grape seed extract, but the only thing really present in grape seed extract is crushed and dried grape seeds. I think it would be a cool experiment to test a multitude of other fruit seed extracts to see if they can have similar or better results.

  4. Do you have any theories about what specifically in the grape seed caused it to be successful? Do you think there is a specific compound in the grape seed that is causing these results?

    1. That’s a hard one to say because the only thing we found that was involved in grape seed extract were multiple antioxidants. There wasn’t much information about these antioxidants but were sure they had an impact as to why grape seed extract worked as well as it did.

  5. Awesome job. I just had one question–why would you propose that further research studies dilute the concentration of GSE until there is a higher percent survival?

    1. From the dilutions we did the the experiment, our results showed that the dilutions had no real affect on the percent survival of Drosophila. From our perspective this can make our compound seem “too” toxic for use and having the possibility of being a poison. The purpose of further diluting until there is a higher percent survival is to show that our compound is not too toxic and has no properties that make it a poison. If we were to have the same results of a 5 percent survival in the flies in even further dilutions, it will make it difficult for grape seed extract to become a potential chemotherapy.

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