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    1. Hi Phoebe! Medicinal chemistry is used to amplify or create any desired characteristics in the compound. An example of this might be adding a hydrophilic functional group to make the compound water soluble.

  1. How does the carbonic anhydrase inhibitor usually work in Salmonella Typhimurium?

    1. Hi Emily! We didn’t dive into the function of the beta carbonic anhydrase enzyme in Salmonella too deeply. We know that it was involved in fuel metabolism, which indicated to us that inhibiting it could cause damage to the cell.

  2. How do the surprising results mentioned in your conclusion have real-world application/relevance to other areas/uses within the scientific community?

    1. It would be exciting to examine brinzolamide’s effects in a gram positive bacterium or in macrophages to see if it was the LPS outer layer that hampered entrance and activity of brinzolamide

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