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    1. Another figure that we could include is scatter plot of our individual data points to show which specific well on each plate is a hit. However, this does not illustrate our results as well as a bar graph does because we wanted to determine if a specific dilution of our drug was a hit rather than a single data point.

  1. How would you go about testing mytomycin against human cells to find the therapeutic window?

    1. I don’t know the exact procedure that we would used to determine the therapeutic window, however exposing these healthy cells to different concentrations of our drug will help to determine which concentrations of mitomycin define its therapeutic index in these cells. Also, mitomycin C is a pre-existing chemotherapy drug so some data about is toxicity in the human body already exists.

  2. What types of ailments could your drug have the potential to work for? Great presentation!

    1. The hope is that mitomycin is a possible treatment for typhoid fever. If our drug is an antibiotic its uses could also extend to other drug-resistant bacterial infections like the ones mentioned in our cited literature.

  3. Based on your knowledge of mitomycin, would you expect it to be bacteriostatic or bactericidal?

    1. I would expect mitomycin to be bactericidal rather than bacteriostatic because it kills cancer cells by interfering with their DNA. The lowest concentration of our drug still had a much lower absorbance than the absorbance of our negative control, DMSO. Its possible that Mitomycin would show bactericidal properties at higher concentrations and bacteriostatic properties at lower concentrations however we would need to determine this through more experimentation.

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