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  1. Hi Lucy! Great job on your presentation and poster! You mentioned taking the experiment from in vitro to in vito, in animals. You also mentioned that you weren’t sure yet of the concentration of salmonella you would use. For next steps, would you go straight to in vito, or continue assessing which concentrations were best?

    1. Hey Emma! For in vitro, I personally think that it would be best to continue to assess concentrations. Something else that I did not mention would be to figure out the TD50/ED50 ratio (toxic dose versus effective dose). This would be helpful to figure out what doses are practical for in vitro.

  2. Great presentation! If the compound was tested in vitro do you predict that it would be able to move forward to pre-clinical trials immediately or would take more trial and error?

    1. Based on our discussions, I would predict that it would take more trial and error. Just because a compound does well in vitro doesn’t mean it will do well in vivo. Hopefully not too many modifications would need to be made, but this is definitely a big obstacle for many potential antibiotics.

  3. Wow what great science, Bill Nye would be proud. It looks like your compound would mostly require non-polar solvents. How do you think this could impact drug delivery if this drug ever were to make it to use in humans? Do you think one method of administration (orally, topically, IV, etc.) would be better and why?

    1. Hi Delwin! Bill Nye is who I look up to. There are many compounds that are not water soluble, and one solution is to actually put it into salt form. This is one specific example of adding to the compound to make it water soluble. You did also mention using an IV, which could also work. However, I would lean towards changing the compound to make it possible to still take orally, as this makes it the most available to patients.

  4. Do you think that Alpha-Pinene could be used to treat bacterial infections in humans? Are there any dangers to using it as an antibiotic for humans?

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