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  1. Really well communicated poster presentation, nice job! This was really cool to see as I worked with resveratrol in antibiotics lab a couple semesters ago! My question to you was if resveratrol was difficult to work with? I remember that it was very thick in consistency and was hard to pipette. Did you have any techniques for handling it?

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for the nice comment! Yes, me and my lab partners did struggle with the consistency of resveratrol, as it was hard to get all of it out of the pipettes every time. For this, we found that the process was rather long as we had to shake and tap the end of the pipette to get out all of the compound into the vial. Not very innovative, but it ended up working the best.

    1. We concluded that the lowest dose was the most successful because it had the lowest survival rate among all of our dosing series, and the error bar ended at the hit line we had established for being a chemotherapeutic!

  2. Good job! If you completed another trial with resveratrol, do you think you would still see a lower survival rate when using a lower dose, and why do you think this happened in this experiment?

    1. We thought this might have happened because we didn’t have enough flies in our containers, which lead to a less accurate result. So we think if our trials had more a sample size overall, our results might change. We also would want to test more doses around that area to see how the survival rates might change. Thanks for the nice comment!

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