4 thoughts on “D25 – Kalkus

  1. If you were to change the temperature to a higher or lower temp do you think the results would have been different in any way?

    1. Great question. My guess is that it might be more effective at a higher temperature, but not effective enough. I am basing this on the assumption that, for most acids, increasing temperature increases their dissociation, this lowering the pH.

      We used 37˚C to replicate human body temperature (although core body temperature might be a bit higher).

      However, previous papers have shown that the effect in some bacteria is transient. It will inhibit growth for about 30 minutes, but then bacterial growth will resume. We did not test to see if that was happening in our cultures. Additionally, even if temperature decreased the pH, Salmonella has a number of mechanisms to resist low pH environments.

      To (finally) answer your question, I think the results would be the same even with higher or lower temperature environments.

  2. What other type of bacteria will you try to infect with this antibacterial species?

    1. Hi Daniel, we would also want to test Gram-positive bacteria, for example, Staphylococcus aureus. They have a different cellular membrane structure which might be more susceptible to citral.

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