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  1. What are some reasons that you guys use salmonella as compared to another type of bacteria?

    1. Salmonella is the bacteria that causes Typhoid fever and food poisoning, both which are very prevalent types of health conditions and kill thousands of people a year. Even with the existing antibiotics, Salmonella remains lethal and very complex to treat and experiment with. Finding possible antibiotics for Salmonella will open up thousands of pathways for other bacteria strains.

    1. In short, bacteria are changing all the time. The antibiotics which worked on bacteria (in this case, Salmonella) years ago are no longer as potent as they used to be. It’s kind of similar to why people take a flu shot every year for viruses: the flu strain keeps changing, meaning last year’s flu shot no longer works this year.

  2. What specifically would you change about the drug compound in order to make it more effective?

    1. I would love to perform medicinal chemistry on the 20 carbon-long chain to make it more soluble in different types of negative controls. It might change how I would approach future experiments.

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