12 thoughts on “D27 – Ojeda

    1. Another spruce species that I would consider testing is Tsuga canadensis because it has high antioxidant properties.

  1. Do you think you would have seen the same/ similar results if a lower concentration of ethanol had been used?

    1. I think we would have seen no hits from the data because it would not have worked as a great negative control.

  2. Do you think you would have seen a similar result if you had used a lower concentration of ethanol?

  3. Great presentation! Do you think changing any properties of Picea Abies sap would change your results?

    1. We can not change the properties but if the resin was water soluble, it would have made the extraction process a lot more simple. Instead of doing an ethanol extraction, we could have used DMSO to dissolve the resin.

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