5 thoughts on “D28 – Swanson

  1. Hello. In the future directions it mentioned a lack of access to some compounds that could have improved elderberries effectiveness on treating salmonella. What types of compounds could be used and why would there need to be more compounds used in conjunction with elderberry?

    1. Actually, we were looking for a more pure compound to use. In this research we used a powder from both the flower and berries, mixed. We would have like to use a powder from only the berry or flower of the plant to limit the scope of the experiment.

  2. What would further research into the antibiotic properties of elderberries look like? What is an example of an experiment that would be run to research this?

    1. In our research we used a powdered combination of flower and berry. In the future, those should be screened separately, to determine if one or the other is more effective. Also, these powders have a huge variety of compounds in them. Isolating and screening single compounds could lead discovering an effective antibiotic.

  3. Hey! In this experiment, you used elderberries effectiveness, what other types of compounds could be used in this research? Or what other Nordic Berries?

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