7 thoughts on “D29 – Rubin

  1. If you could go back and change what you did to get your results what would you do to get detectable results for your tryptamine without having to poke holes in agar plates?

    1. Hello! If I could go back to get detectable results I would first be consistent with my media used (10% DMSO) so that I would not use agar plates, but If I were to go back and do it without poking holes I would use a small amount of tryptamine and cover a small area, and after allowing it to dry, apply concentrated salmonella typhimurium directly to it and view the zone of inhibition. Thanks!

  2. Do you personally think that tryptamine is bacteriostatic or bactericidal based off of your results and personal intuition?

    1. Based off personal intuition and background knowledge I would have to say bacteriostatic as I believe tryptamine has shown potential as an efflux inhibitor and doesn’t seem to have a mechanism to kill the bacteria! Thanks!

  3. What would you change about your experimentation with Tryptamines so that it did not have as much difficulty dissolving and sticking together if you were to continue on with testing?

    1. I would change the media I used to be something that works better with tryptamine and at high concentrations does not effect salmonella typhimurium I would say. Perhaps an ethanol based media! Thanks!

    2. I would change the media I be used in the experiment, in this case instead of DMSO I would use an ethanol based media and experiment with how tryptamine dissolves in that! Thanks!

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