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  1. What living organisms would work as the best subject for in vivo experiments?

    1. Hello, organism would be mice because the salmonella we use (salmonella typhemurium) causes typhoid fever in mice and we seek out to “cure” their conditions.

  2. Well done on your poster and presentation! How would adding AMPs when re-doing the research help to further test your hypothesis?

    1. Hello, adding AMP’s would almost help us “cheat” a little by making the bacteria’s cell membrane more permeable. This would allow us make sure our compound is getting inside the cell and we would see if the compound is actually effective or not. For all we know our compound is not able to get into the cell and AMP’s would help in that

    1. Hello, in vivo experiments can often produce different results than in vitro, working for and against in both ways. It is possible that the molecules in our compound would react, break apart, or change when it interacts with the system within a living organism, actually making it effective against bacteria!

  3. Poster was really well done! Have you ever looked into phage therapy its like another way to fight bacteria that antibiotics don’t have affects on.

    1. Hello, our research was mainly on antibiotics but I do think other alternatives can be of great help in saving lives such as bacteriophages, viruses that kill bacteria!

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