6 thoughts on “D31 – Mommandi

  1. Do you think that it is possible in the future for tryptamine to be used to treat patients, even with the limitations mentioned in the conclusions section?

    1. Tryptamine has already been used on patients for psychiatric disorders so there is possible room for it to be used as an antibiotic. However, because of the potency that tryptamine has there would need to be testing to properly gauge how much can be used without patients being at risk.

  2. Could you elaborate on the Mueller-Hinton test and what it tells you specifically?

    1. The Mueller-Hinton test gives us a visual to test how susceptible bacteria is against an antibiotic. As seen in the visual you can see a faint circle which is the zone of inhibition (letter A), meaning that bacteria wasn’t able to grow meaning that the compound (in our case tryptamine) has antibacterial properties.

  3. What work arounds do you see in the future using Tryptamine as it seems that due to its properties it is difficult to work with?

    1. Tryptamine is already used to treat psychological disorders however as an antibiotic it would need to be carefully tested due to its psychedelic properties so testing would be needed to find a way to safely administer it. Otherwise, the compound is incredibly difficult to come across due to its risks and incredibly high potency which makes it so dangerous.

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