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  1. Please pardon my ignorance here, but I don’t think I quite understand why a higher measured absorbance value is indicative of an effective antibiotic. On a different note, what tests would you attempt to conduct to obtain more accurate/consistent absorbance values instead — and how would you initially approach this? Why would this improve upon the methods you’ve used prior?

    1. There’s a chance I may have mispoken! A lower absorbance value would be indicative of an effective antibiotic because it would apply that less bacteria was able to grow within that well and block the light. If I could, the test I would conduct to obtain more accurate/consistent absorbance values would be to increase the levels of polysaccharides within the Astragalus Extract, as this has been shown to work as a potential antibiotic. I would need to devise a full outline of how to add more polysaccharides into the extract and perform more background research before I would how to fully approach this method. However, I believe this would improve upon the methods I have used prior because of the promising studies showing that high levels of polysaccharides in Astragalus can work as an antibiotic.

  2. What medicinal chemistry would you predict happening in your future directions?

    1. I’m not sure of the specific medicinal chemistry that I would use in regards to my future directions, however I would change a functional group to make it soluble instead of having to dilute it from its’ powder form. I do have limited knowledge on medicinal chemistry, but from what I do know I would need to be very careful as changing one functional group can change the entire effect of the extract.

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