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  1. Question: What other experiments can be done to see if it has bacteriostatic or bactericidal activity?

    1. I would suggest we continue our bacteriostatic/cidal trials. More trials would allow for a larger pool of data and more reliable conclusions and trends. Therefore I would continue the testing we did for our bacteriostatic/cidal protocol to confirm and classify the activity with greater certainty.

  2. What is the DMSO absorbance value? Would be helpful to explain that to understand more about the error that occurred.

    1. Great question! The DMSO absorbance value is the value read in the DMSO well, our negative control. It is likely there was cross contamination of the wells, with either the compound or the positive control that led to this initial error. However, our conclusions were still able to be drawn as touched on in my video.

      1. The error was that the DMSO control failed in Step 2 of the bacteriostatic/ bactericidal protocol, making the results rather unreliable. The average DMSO absorbance after 48 hours was a positive hit, despite the error. However, our conclusions still indicated that S.Typhimurium grew in the melittin wells, and is likely bacteriostatic.

  3. How could knowing the ‘mechanism of action’ change the way you performed your research?

    1. Knowing the mechanism of action of the potential antibiotic would allow analysis of the safety of the drug and the affects on the body. This would be SUPER helpful information, but would most probably not take large effect on the budding research on this compound. With further research, or introduction to animal research, this could be a more relevant piece of information.

    1. Membrane permeability is important for antibiotic function as drug permeability is key when analyzing absorption and distribution. To ensure the antibiotic would be able to function within a biological system, it is necessary the drug can target intended targets within the cell. Membrane permeability is a very important property to consider in drug design.

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