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  1. Great presentation, do you foresee any potential issues with the tested substance and its interactions with the host if it were used as an antibiotic?

    1. At the moment, I can’t see any potential issues because we have not researched deep enough. However, it is a natural enough compound that is found in an edible material that I do not think it would lead to any serious side effects.

    1. Most likely rats because of their similar reaction to Salmonella Typhimurium and their common use in animal testing. However, I do not know exactly because of my lack of experience in animal testing.

  2. Good job! Do you think there are other extracts or compounds in other citrus fruits that could be used in similar research? Also if this is used as a treatment would either the ethanol extract or epoxybergamottin be damaging to the human cells and do more harm than good?

    1. I think that there would most likely be a citrus fruit that would have similar extract effects. Epoxybergamottin is also found in grapefruits however I do not know if it would be a similar effect because of grapefruit’s effect on the efflux pump, a protein found in the cell, which may cause the patient to overdose on the antibiotic. However if just the specific compound of epoxybergamottin is used that is found in grapefruits and lemon peels, then it would most likely not be the same compound in grapefruit that inhibits the efflux pump.

  3. How did you determine that lemon peel extract should be used in this experiment? I am curious as to what criteria had to be met to determine what plant to use. This was super interesting, great presentation!

    1. My group and I happened to stumble on a scientific article that showed how lemon peels showed signs of antimicrobial properties and we decided to follow through with our lab about it. Thank you!

  4. This was a super interesting presentation! Great job! How did you land on using lemon extract to test against salmonella typh.? I am curious as to what criteria had to be met to use the extract.

  5. Do you think that you and your group should have completed more trials after you changed your negative control or do you think there is a sufficient amount of data to support your conclusion, also how do you think this will affect the potential future research of your compound at Detweiler lab?

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