6 thoughts on “D41 – Sowinska

  1. in your personal opinion, even with the solubility issues, do you think using the lab grade compound would yield sufficient results?

    1. I think that even with the solubility issues it would be worth trying and comparing it to the results that we got with the compound that had coloration. We could try both types of compound at the same time and see if we could obtain better results with lab grade than the colored Resveratrol.

  2. Do you feel as though, without the absorbance issues due to coloring, the lab grade compound would have created significant results?

    1. I think that the change in absorbance readings with the use of lab grade compound would be significant, since our compound was very dark, and also formed precipitation on the bottom of the wells, and that could have impacted the readings the most.

  3. If you didn’t have the spectrometer/absorbance issues, how do you think this would’ve effect your results?

  4. Then we would get reliable results from testing our compound – we would get actual absorbance readings related to growth (or death) of the bacteria. Because of the coloration the readings appeared “strange” and we couldn’t really tell what was actually happening in the well – whether it was bacterial growth that resulted in higher readings – or the color and precipitation formed by our compound.

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