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  1. Has it been confirmed that there is no reaction between DMSO and the Resveratrol? If there were to be some sort of reaction between the two compounds was it considered that this may have lead to the lack of antimicrobial properties?

    1. Hi Addie! Unfortunately we can’t definitively say that there are no reaction between DMSO and Resveratrol although i believe that the solubility issues may have been due to the other components as our Resveratrol was not lab grade and therefore had other compounds that could influence the outcomes in a way that may have had those interactions. The DMSO and resveratrol shouldn’t have had any interactions but because it wasn’t pure this could’ve hindered antimicrobial properties!

    1. I would have used lab grade resveratrol rather than the compound that was provided as it would have been pure and colorless meaning we could’ve had more conclusive results without outside factors influencing it.

  2. Great presentation! If the resveratrol research points to antibiotic properties in previous research would you approach the experiment differently in the future?

    1. I believe that due to the compound we were provided we got some inaccurate results. The resveratrol had another compound in it that could’ve hindered the antimicrobial properties in the previous research. We also had solubility issues so it could’ve separated not allowing the resveratrol to properly infiltrate the bacteria.

  3. Thank you! I think that the reason our results differ from other research is because we didn’t have lab grade resveratrol which means that other compounds were in the substance we used and there was color to it which may have led to some results that didn’t necessarily match. Additionally with some solubility issues we could’ve had a situation where the salmonella was not being touched by resveratrol due to some type of separation between the compounds in the wells.

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