4 thoughts on “D44 – Smith

  1. What compounds could be used to make Salmonella
    Typhimurium easier to be penetrated by Resveratrol?

    1. Our goal when developing an antibiotic is not to make it easier for the antibiotic to penetrate the bacterium, instead our goal is to stop the development or destroy the bioprocesses of the bacterium. Resveratrol is known to inhibit the biofilm formation of a pathogen so I am going to predict that trans-resveratrol, the compound we used, does not have the ability to affect the bacteria the same way. I think rather than using a separate compound it is more important to look at the structure of the possible antibiotic itself.

  2. Being that this compound is an isomer, where you able to find any information about the functionality of the other isomers? Do they behave similarly?

    1. Interesting you ask this! We found out recently that resveratrol – the same compound we used with a different structure actually had statistical hits when tested in a different discovery lab. So, it is safe for us to say that the structure of the compound plays a huge role in the functionality of the isomers.

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