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  1. what kind of cancer does the larve of the fruit fly imitate? is this why your compound showed poor results?

    1. Fruit flies were used in gene sequencing colorectal cancer, which we thought may work out good for us, since we were testing gold which in some form is similar to platinum, which already used in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

  2. Hi Bryton great poster! Why do you think gold wasn’t a successful treatment here: do you think its because the gold itself wasn’t a sufficient drug of choice for these flies? or do you think there was a potential source of error in the treatment procedure?

    1. I honestly believe either may be true. These flies are very inbred so gene abnormalities might be more common, but then our whole lab may see similar results. And I don’t think using the type of gold we used may have been best, as analogues of platinum have been used for chemo.

  3. Hi Bryton! Your poster is really well done, what other organisms would be ideal to test on for future experiments?

    1. I think in vitro studies of specific cancer types in humans would be beneficial. I don’t really think these in vivo trials work too well for testing for human chemotherapy

  4. When platinum is used in chemotherapy, is it also introduced through food, or is there another method of application that gold could also be used for?

    1. So when platinum is given as a chemotherapy to humans, it’s route of administration (ROA) is generally oral (swallowing pills) or IV

    1. I’d say… the type of model. We’re doing in vivo studies on fruit flies, which may create a few problems along the way. If we were to say acquire human cancer cells-we’d be better off.

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