4 thoughts on “D4E – Rohilla

  1. if your results were not significant how will testing your compound as a immunotherapy change this?

  2. Nice explanation of the methods! You present a good amount of information to support the use of astragalus so it seems that it would be worthwhile pursuing further. To continue to test astragalus and understand its effects in your tumor model, can you think of a way to increase the concentration of the compound in cells? What could you combine with astragalus to increase the concentration inside of the cells without increasing the dose of astragalus tested?

  3. Great job! When used in Traditional Chinese Medicine how is Astralagus extract administered to patients? Is the success they have had in reducing tumor size due to delivery method? Or was Astralagus extract combined with another type of treatment that could be looked into further ?

  4. Great presentation! You spoke very clearly which made it very easy to follow along. Though I do have one question; what would changing the tumor model allow you to accomplish in future research?

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