6 thoughts on “D5 -Clausen

  1. Why do you think your DMSO failed in step 2 of the bacterisotatic protocol?

    1. It is likely that the DMSO had slight cross contamination with either Ampicillin or Melittin

  2. What experiment might you do to conclude that the melittin activity is truly bacteriostatic?

    1. After the 24 hours the materials were put into new clean wells and incubated again. If the Melittin was bacteriostatic there would have been growth in the wells, but we did not see any additional growth, thus Melittin is bactericidal. To be more certain it would be recommended to run the experiment again in new plates.

  3. Great work! How would you test melittin effectiveness in other bacteria for future directions?

    1. We would run very similar experiments using liquid bacterium solution testing if there is similar growth in another gram negative bacteria to ensure that Melittin is able to combat bacteria as effectively as seen with S. Typhimurium.

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