6 thoughts on “D55 – Smith

  1. Hi! Awesome job on this presentation! Do you think that a similar experiment could be conducted on a compound similar to that found in green tea such as other antioxidants found in food to combat salmonella? Do you think the experiment would yield different or similar results?

    1. Tea, in general, is known to be a useful antioxidant so yes, I think other active ingredients in tea could have similar effect on Salmonella. However, I do not think that outside of the tea “family” results would mimic those from EGCg on Salmonella.

  2. Great presentation! Why does too high of a dose feed the bacteria whereas a lower dose acts similar to an antibiotic?

    1. Put simply, EGCg is found in green tea which, like many other drinks and foods, is able to feed bacteria and give it nutrients it needs to survive. This was the case in our dose that was too high.

  3. How would you be able to make it clear instead of red? Would this have an effect on the EGCg?

    1. There are many different colors of this compound easily accessible online, however, the dark red capsules was what the lab had.

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