6 thoughts on “D56 – Berstein

  1. How has this research that you conducted overall contribute to your general understanding of Betulin and the effects that it has on S. Typhimurium.

    1. From my research, I concluded that betulin has a lot of potential and with a lot of more testing could ultimately make it to further trials. My group was able to get a statistical hit and stop the growth of S. Typhimurium, so I can confidently say that it’s a bacteriostatic antibiotic!

    1. I would say the fact that betulin is known to have insoluble traits definitely had a huge impact on where errors came into the picture. It was for sure difficult to get this compound at a physiologically relevant concentration at which it could dissolve in DMSO, and my group and I weren’t able to get this concentration right until the end of our research sadly.

    1. Since betulin did come in powder form, I would think a limitation to using it as an antibiotic would be transforming it into the perfect concentration and stock solution that best stops the growth of Salmonella Typhimurium. There needs to be a lot of more testing done, especially in mice and eventually humans to see how this compound and the subject reacts!

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