8 thoughts on “D70 – Lemercier

  1. What impact do you think aging has on the RSV that would lead it to promote the growth of bacteria rather than inhibit it?

    1. I think the age of the RSV leads to it promoting growth simply because it becomes denatured and cannot effectively manipulate the efflux pumps in the bacterium.

    1. I think we could reasonably expect the bacteria to be killed and the RSV to be an effective antibiotic with the updated RSV, as the previous research suggests that active, pure RSV has these effects.

  2. You noted on your poster that your RSV contained 50% Japanese Knotweed Root Extract. What impact (if any) do you assume or predict that this contamination had on your testing results? Do you think that changes in these contaminant concentrations would result in more or less growth? (Do you know if/how RSV changes/degrades past its expiration date?)

    1. Honestly I’m not sure: I would think initially that the contamination would lessen the effect of the RSV on being an antibiotic, as it likely just clouds the solution. This would probably result in more growth then—the RSV being past its expiration date probably also results in loss of antibiotic function, so the growth promotion is compounded.

    1. I think the ability to make a difference is what inspires me to be a scientist—especially with research like this, I feel like my learning and effort is genuinely going towards something that means something and can make a significant impact on the world.

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