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  1. The obvious question: why was the compound contaminated and expired? Why not undertake tests to check quality of compound before you began?

    1. The compound that we were given was not discovered to be old and non-pure until after the majority of the project was completed. Had we noticed this before undergoing the research, we probably would have ordered a new compound, thus resolving the compound being expired. However, the compound came as non-pure, being around 50% root extract. Ideally, we could try and find a different source that has a pure compound, however this was out of the spectrum of the class when discovered.
      The compound used was leftover from a previous research project in the class that took place many years ago and had promising results, which likely means that it being old was the biggest reason we did not find similar results.

  2. The one question I have is what exactly causes salmonella to become deadly?

    1. Salmonella typhi is the strain of bacteria that causes typhoid fever. This happens when the bacteria gets in the intestinal tract of humans and infects it, which causes a high fever and stomach pain. The fever can be as high as 103-104 F, which for prolonged periods of times will kill someone. Typhoid fever is also only caused by salmonella typhi, which is why we did not use that strain in the lab, we used Salmonella Typhimurium, another strain that does not cause typhoid fever in humans.

  3. Wow, this presentation was great! Is resveratrol a reactive compound? How likely do you think it is that being a bit older could have caused the compound to degrade/change?

    1. Resveratrol can be known to oxidize when exposed to air and light. This means that it has a relatively short shelf life, which is why it being 3 years past the best by date probably contributed to the results found. This is also comparing to a previous project with the same compound that was done many years ago, which found Resveratrol to have potentially promising results. Given that this contradicts our results, and the compound was still in the library to choose from, it probably stopped working as well because of the expiration date.

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