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  1. What different or additional experiments would you have liked to perform with Vitadox?

    1. Upon further research, we realized that the company that made Vidatox was likely misconstruing Vidatox’s effects. As it turns out Vidatox is so diluted that it’s essentially just a drop of ethanol in water. Due to this I would say it’s likely a waste of resources to attempt additional experiments on this compound.

  2. In your limitations you discuss that the compound was only tested in 1 type of bacterium. What other bacterium do you think would help show Vitadox is useful?

    1. Salmonella Typhimurium is a gram-negative bacteria, so I would say testing a safe gram positive bacteria like Streptococcus pneumoniae( a bacteria that causes pneumonia) would yield the most interesting results

  3. Hey! Your presentation was great! My question is what other bacteria would you treat Vidatox with?

    1. My honest belief after further research at the end of my project is that Vidatox will do nothing in all bacteria due to it essentially being diluted ethanol instead of the blue scorpion venom it was advertised as. However, salmonella typhimurium is a gram negative bacteria, so if there was any bacteria I believe it should be tested on; it would be a gram positive bacteria. An example is Streptococcus pneumoniae which causes pneumonia.

  4. This is really good science. Reminds me of Rosalind Franklin back in my day. Good job!

  5. Considering the growing issue of antibiotic resistance, should more research be conducted on Vidatox or should attention and resources be focused on other compounds that show more promise for potential antibiotics?

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