6 thoughts on “D78 – Adams

    1. There is a mushroom, Reishi mushroom, has compounds that have been shown to fight against certain bacteria like Staphylococcus and Bacillus. Some mushrooms are also paired with penicillin to help treat fungal infections.

  1. I am confused on what you mean by turkey tail mushrooms being a possible “growth promoter”, can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by that and what inspired this hypothesis?

    1. When completing our tests we found that in the serial dilutions with a higher concentration of turkey tail bacteria actually grew. Looking over our results with our TAs we were able to determine that it is possible that turkey tail is a growth promoter but further research will have to be done.

    1. When looking into ways to continue research, we found that there was Turkey Tail Mushroom extract drops that could be used along with DMSO rather than dissolving the compound in ethanol. We would have to repeat these steps that were performed in our experiment and then if it shows antibiotic qualities, it could be added to a list. This list could lead to further research like clinical trials.

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