6 thoughts on “D79 – Baack

  1. If you were to redo this experiment, what would you use instead of ethanol control? Is there another way to reverify that Turkey Tail Mushroom is ineffective in killing salmonella typhimurium?

    1. I believe we saw other products of turkey tail mushroom even by the same brand that came in the form of liquid drops. Otherwise, treating bacteria with the compound on agar plates could help us learn more about its affect on bacteria without the presence of ethanol.

  2. Is there a use for a growth promoter such as the turkey tail mushroom? Would there be a positive use for this growth promotion?

    1. I am not too sure about applications of a growth promoter of bacteria. However, it is very important that we confirm or deny if the Turkey Tail has this property because it may have dangerous implications if used to kill bacteria.

  3. What were some of the other antibiotic compound options? Why did you and your group choose Turkey Tail Mushrooms??

    1. The list of compounds to choose from was extensive, including some hits from a compound screening we performed at the beginning of the semester. We chose turkey tail mushroom because there are promising results from experiments against cancer. Since many chemotherapies often have the same attributes as antibiotics, we wanted to apply it in our lab to see how it affected bacteria.

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