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  1. On what gram negative bacteria did Viriditoxin show antibiotic effects before you tried using S. Typhimurium?

    1. Hello! Viriditoixin showed antibiotic effects on Streptococcus iniae and Streptococcus parauberis. It has also shown effect on many gram positive bacteria as well

    1. Hi! Yes, we believe that it would change. However we would first have to see if it dissolves in the 20% DMSO- if it does not we would have to increase the concentration. This is assuming that we would have more viriditoxin to work with.

  2. Given the difference of environment between jellyfish ovaries and petri dishes, what factors do you hypothesize could result in antimicrobial activity of viriditoxin in one environment and not the other?

    1. One of the main factors that could result in the antimicrobial activity is the actual fungus that grows on the jellyfish.

  3. Hi there! I have two questions:
    1.) Did you know from the beginning that DMSO was highly concentrated? If so, why did you choose to use a 100% concentrated one instead of one that was more diluted?
    2.) Do you have an idea of how you would go about finding a new compound to test on curing the pathogenic bacteria of Typhoid fever? What properties would be important in the new drug that could have potential killing success?

    1. Hello! Yes, we did know from the beginning that the DMSO was highly concentrated. We decided to dilute it into 100% DMSO because not much was known about the compound. Our group, and our Professor, also wanted to make sure that the negative control was doing its job.
      Yes, we do have an idea! While the methods are not clear yet, we would begin with using medicinal chemistry to discover which compound specifically gives it antimicrobial properties.

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