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  1. Hello! Thanks for making your presentation!
    For future directions, aside from what you mentioned about ethanol, what procedures that you mentioned would have to be redon to see if these turkey tail mushrooms and their results be more conclusive?

    1. Hi! We would have to redo our max dose and dose response curve. Then, we would want to do a similar test to a bactericidal/static procedure to find out how much of a growth promoter our compound is.

    1. A ‘hit’ is a drug whose absorbance is 2 standard deviations above or below the mean absorbance of the negative control. Our compound was two standard deviations above, so it is statistically likely that the turkey tail compound was the cause of the higher absorbance/more bacteria.

  2. Hi Alexander, I thought you did a good job explaining the details of your experiment. What made your group decide to choose Turkey Tail Mushrooms as an antibiotic compound?

    1. Hi! We saw multiple previous studies concluding that Turkey Tail mushroom may be a possible antimicrobial/antibiotic compound. Specifically, there is a chemical within the compound that shows these attributes.

  3. Could you explain more about what properties of Turkey Tail mushrooms led you to believe they might contain antibiotic properties?

    1. Hi! We found multiple previous studies that concluded that a specific chemical within the Turkey Tail compound could be a possible antibiotic. We also knew that Turkey Tail, among other mushrooms, has been used as a traditional approach to medicine.

  4. Very interesting presentation, I love this topic. Are there any shared properties of Turkey Tail mushrooms that could lead to similar fungi having the same effects?

    1. Hi! I am actually not sure about this. There may be similarities in the spore properties, or their decomposition function that can carry across species.

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