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    1. The max dose for our experiment was determined to be 10 mM (micromolar) of flufenamic acid, which is the highest physiological concentration that can be obtained in the human body, thus we wanted to observe the effectiveness of flufenamic acid at it’s highest dosage possible. The initial amount of flufenamic acid used to obtain this final concentration was calculated through use of the equation C1V1= C2V2, and then created with dilutions and the resulting stock solution. The determined amount of flufenamic needed after mathematical calculations was 0.416 grams , which was then used in the subsequent steps of dissolving the substance and further dilution with our negative control/solvent DMSO necessary to reach 10mM.

    1. Antibiotic resistance is rising due to a combination of multiple different factors, including but not limited to: the increasing continuation of bacteria experiencing advantageous random mutations that render antibiotic ineffective, as well as how quick these mutations develop and and can pass on to other bacterial cells, the lack of discovery of any new classes of antibiotics since the 1980s, and a lack of financial benefit or profits for pharmaceutical companies when it comes to new antibiotic research. Antibiotic resistance is rising due to no knew antibiotics being discovered as of recently, and more resistant strains are becoming increasing prevalent as random mutations aid in the survival of these bacteria and aid in rendering present antibiotic treatment ineffective. Furthermore, without financial incentive many pharmaceutical companies are not willing to research new antibiotics to combat these resistant strains that cause resistant infections, thus allowing the problem to continue without any proactive motion on finding alternative treatments. In conclusion, due to these mutations and lack of new discoveries antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are rising in appearance due to their newfound ability to survive our present antibiotic treatments.

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