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  1. Great work! What result would you expect if a different acid (not DMSO) was used in the experiment? What is a more basic solution was used?

    1. Hi, sorry if I was a little confusing in the presentation I know I was talking fast, DMSO is not an acid but actually was our negative control used to determine if we had any “hits”, and flufenamic acid was actually just the compound we were testing for antimicrobial properties, so it being an acid didn’t have too much to do with the experiment, but I’m sure bases could be tested also for antimicrobial properties.

  2. Really great presentation! Could you expand on your struggles with the concentration of the DMSO? What aspect of your results do you think this effected the most?

    1. Sure, we received flufenamic acid as a solid powder and in order to test it needed to dissolve it in DMSO, which according to the research we did online should not have been too difficult, but for some reason it took forever to dissolve at a 50% DMSO concentration and gave us big problems, so we eventually tried dissolving it in 100% DMSO which although this worked, unfortunately the concentration of DMSO was so strong we think it threw off the absorbance values that we obtained once we tested the compound.

  3. Great presentation! If you were to use another acid that was not DSMO as that caused you struggles do you know which acid you would use?

    1. Hi, sorry if I was confusing as I know I was talking fast, DMSO actually is not an acid but was functioning as our negative control in this experiment in order to determine if we had any “hits”, or potential antimicrobial hits when compared to the absorbance of our flufenamic acid. DMSO gave us problems in terms of dissolving our flufenamic acid, as flufenamic acid is supposed to be relatively soluble in DMSO, but unfortunately we could not get it to dissolve well in the DMSO. If I had to change a compound used it would definitely just be flufenamic acid to something either in an already liquid form or another solid that is much easier to dissolve.

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