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  1. Just to clarify, when you say “hit” do you mean that the chosen compound is successful as a treatment? Or has a statistically significant impact? Thank you for elaborating! Great Poster!

    1. Great question! A hit would mean this our compound is statistically significant and could be a potential chemotherapeutic with further testing.

  2. Great poster! Just wondering, what exactly would the synergistic effect between safranil and radiation entail in the cell?

    1. A synergistic effect between Safranal and radiation would mean that they would work together to create a bigger impact than they would separately.

  3. What does “eclosed” mean? Did your experimental vials end up having a sufficient amount of larvae or were your total values low?

    1. Eclosed means that the fly is out of its case and is alive. And yes we had more that enough larvae for our vials.

    1. Any compound that has properties that could possibly inhibit the function of certain mechanism of a cancerous cell. I think that it is really interesting to find compounds derived from plants and foods.

  4. What sort of genetic modification is done to drosophila cancer cells to make the research more applicable to human cells?

    1. Drosophila melanogaster and humans have very similar genetic material. So this allows us to better understand the molecular mechanisms of human diseases. Although they are not exactly the same it allows us to get a step closer to see if a drug could be used in humans

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