7 thoughts on “D9 – Davies

    1. I would first like to consider a palladium nanoparticle of a different size, or possibly from a different distributor before switching to a completely different nanoparticle.

  1. Is there any way to alter the nanoparticles to give it the ability to dissolve the compound?

    1. That is something that we discussed when considering what to do next with the research. I think that if we could research the actual structure of the compound through NMR, then there may be a way to chemically break down the nanoparticle.

    1. Unfortunately, we were constrained by the solvents available to the class. We did use a more concentrated version of DMSO, and also tried ethanol, but nothing seemed to work. Something we mentioned when discussing what to do with our research next was to use a strong acid like nitric acid. There is enough research suggesting that the strong acid may dissolve the compound, that it would be worth trying in future semesters.

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