4 thoughts on “D90 – Biggers

  1. Why did you change the media for a fresh Minimal Media one in the middle of the Bacteriostatic/Bactericidal Protocol?

    1. Hi, thank you for the question, the compound was moved into fresh minimal media to test if the bacteria would grow once being re-exposed. If the bacteria grew once re-exposed that would mean the compound was bacteriostatic because it only temporarily stopped the growth. Our compound of bactericidal because no growth was recorded once it was re-exposed.

  2. In the Conclusion section you mention that Melittins effects on humans are not known. Seeing as it is classified as a toxin, how could you go about testing the effect on humans nervous systems and organ systems to prove this is a good candidate?

    1. Thank you for the question. Before trials on any people the drug would go into in-vitro and in-vivo testing. In-vitro testing will take place on cells in things like plates and test tubes, if showing promising results it will then move into in-vivo testing. This will be conducted on animals such as mice, and rats this will determine if the drug is safe to use and effective. Then, if the drug is approved for clinical trials the first phase will determine the highest dose that will not produce side effects for humans. Overall, it is a 10-15 year process to see if the drug will be safe to use and work without serious side effects.

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