6 thoughts on “D93 – Richards

    1. So when we say 50% DMSO the other 50% is water and we think that the the water could be making our compound unstable since our sample the gave positive results was suspended in 100% DMSO. We think that water could be interacting with Oxamniquine on the molecular level. Just a working hypothesis that we hope can be tested in the future!

  1. If you do find that your drug does display antibiotic properties after you cleared up the discrepancy the different compounds, what would the next steps be?

    1. Our next steps would be to run an additional dose response curve to get our true ED50, and after that moving on to animal testing in mice to see if Oxamniquine can actually alleviate symptoms. An alternative I’ve seen to animal testing is we can culture human cells on a chip which could be used instead of animal testing. Not sure if that is a standard procedure yet though, but that would go a long way to solving the moral dilemma of animal testing.

  2. Could you elaborate on why it is beneficial to allow the immune system the time to respond first?

    1. The main reason bacterial infections are so dangerous is because of how quickly they replicate. Our immune system has all the tools it needs between our innate and adaptive immune systems to handle bacterial infections, it just can’t keep up with the speed of bacterial growth. Bacteriostatic antibiotics give our immune system time to catch up, they aren’t necessarily better than bactericidal antibiotics, they just allow our bodies to handle the infection on its own.

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