5 thoughts on “D95 – Lanthier

  1. Did you do the bacterialcidal/static experiment for both dosages or just one?

    1. The bactericidal/static experiment is only performed on the max dose since we knew that the max dose was the most effective against the bacteria and determining whether its bactericidal or bacteriostatic at lower concentrations would really conclude any additional information, because that characteristic of a compound won’t change at different concentrations.

  2. This was a FANTASTIC presentation! I was wondering, if you were to research additional ways to increase the permeability of the membrane, what adjustments would you make to the project? Would you keep the same methods and just adjust the compounds used? Great job!

    1. I would probably test Nisin’s effectiveness alongside different chelators to see if Nisin is effective with various other chelators or if only EDTA is effective. I would also perform a series of dilutions with the chelator itself while leaving the concentration of Nisin consistent to determine at what concentration of a chelator is necessary to prove effective when working alongside effective concentrations of Nisin. Ultimately to determine what the best ratio of Nisin and a chelator is most efficient at treating gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella Typhimurium.

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