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    1. Hey Alexi, Yes. We know that Methylglyoxal is a large component in Manuka honey, so would could assume that the natural remedies such as hair growth improvement, immunity help, and great sweetener that comes from Manuka honey is related to MGO, But to be definitive we would have to do some more research to see other benefits of MGO itself with out the honey component.

    1. Hey Lily, Because we know that MGO is safe at a 60% concentration it would be best to administer it through food or drink such as Manuka Honey, juice, etc. But further research needs to be done to see if certain foods and drinks effect MGO’s antibacterial effects.

    2. Hey Lily, Because we know that 60% of MGO is safe for intake by humans because that is the concentration in Manuka honey. I would say the best way to administer this treatment would be though foods and drinks for example, Manukau honey, juice, etc. Further research has to be done to see if certain administration styles effect the antibacterial affect of MGO.

  1. I didn’t quite understand how you made the threshold for bacterial absorbance which hits would be 2 standard deviations under. Could you explain this? Thanks.

    1. Ya, So to calculate our 2 standard deviations we used a compiled data set of our negative control of distilled water from the whole class and averaged all those values to find the mean. We also had a deviation algorithm set up in excel for all the distilled water values. which gave us the correct two standard deviation mark to calculate our hits. The algorithm was a bit complex but that was the overview of what we had to do to get our standard deviations. hope that helps

    1. Based on our research it seems to only be present in Manuka Honey that is why Manuka honey has so many medicinal values. But that is why we would like to further our research if seeing if MGO can be present in different environments to have the same antibacterial effects.

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