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  1. Why did you choose to use 250 ppm for your concentration of colloidal silver?

    1. 250 ppm colloidal silver is extremely shelf safe, meaning that it is widely sold in many grocery and drug stores, on Amazon, and in pharmacies already. It is a high dose, but not the highest, and while something like 30 ppm colloidal silver would be safer for everyday use, we wanted to test a higher concentration with the Salmonella because even though it is not safe for everyday use, it is still safe for the human genome and can be taken for short periods of time (when you have an illness). Overall, the exact concentration of the colloidal silver was not extremely relevant to the results because based on our dilution series for our dose response, it is shown that the silver solution is very effective even at different and lower concentrations.

    1. Essentially, if the compound acts as a poison, we will see consistency in the absorbance when it comes to decreasing levels of bacteria, regardless of the concentration. If any compound acts as a poison, absorbance or level of bacteria will drastically decrease because the poison will kill everything around it. The main concern when it comes to the silver is that when it is in a macrophage, it will act as a poison if it kills both the bacteria and the immune cell itself. This is not an ideal outcome, as we want to see the compound target only bacterial cells.

  2. If your compound isn’t acting as a poison would that mean it is more potent than expected and that concentration would need to be decreased to see it’s curve?

    1. Sort of. Concentration matters less, because our results show that no matter what, we are seeing a significant decrease in bacteria. But yes, at an even lower concentration, we would expect to see a curve at some point. For our future directions, our first goal is to determine that curve by lowing concentration pretty much until we start to see a curve. Hopefully that answers the question.

  3. How would a concentration of poison effect the Salmonella Typhimurium growth?

    1. Exposing any medium to a verified poison will kill the medium. It is very unlikely that our compound is a compound, as it is already sold on the shelf and numerous sources demonstrate that it is a safe solution to ingest. If a highly concentrated poison (not colloidal silver) is exposed to Salmonella Typhimurium, we will observe a very significant decrease in bacteria levels in the wells, because the poison will kill all of the bacteria.

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