8 thoughts on “G13 – Talbot

  1. Is purposeful ribosomal frameshifting observed in anything other than bacteriophages? Loved the presentation.

    1. Great question, yes actually! This programmed ribosomal frameshift has also been observed in viruses like HIV-1 which is a retrovirus, not a bacteriophage.

  2. Could the frameshift preventing viral replication possibly be used in other diseases than coronavirus?

    1. Yes, this programmed frameshift has been tested in many viruses other than SARS-CoV, most commonly is HIV-1.

    1. Tail assembly chaperones are very crucial when keeping the structure of the bacteriophage specifically. Since it is upstream of the tape measure protein which determines length and structure of the phage tail. In terms of the DNA, TACs help keep the main structure even though they end up coding for the RNA twice.

  3. You mentioned that ribosomal frameshifting can cause the same DNA to code for two different proteins. Can this happen within a single phage, or will a single phage only ever code one of the two?

    1. Yes, this can occur in a single phage! For example, Willsammy has shown that it codes for two tail assembly chaperones due to this frameshift.

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