6 thoughts on “G8 – Kokoskinskiy

  1. Hey Maxim, I was wondering with the two proteins being evolutionary related, what is the advantage for glutaredxoin to have a higher electrostatic potential?

    1. The advantage for glutaredoxin to have a higher electrostatic potential would be to serve as a part in the gluthionine synthesis complex. Since thioredoxin and glutaredoxin are part of different synthesis, having different electrostatic potential would help serve their functions in their different processes.

  2. Hi Maxim! What is the purpose of identifying evolutionarily related proteins within phages? Thanks!

    1. Identifying evolutionary related proteins within phages could help group phages together as well as determining which phages are evolutionary related and which ones aren’t.

  3. Hey Maxim! Would you use the same methods to analyze thioredoxin presence in lytic/lysogenic phages if you had more time to research?

    1. Yes I would use the same method to analyze thioredoxin presence in phages!

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