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    1. The main component of the temperate life cycle is that the bacteriophage integrates its DNA into the host cell genome to undergo cellular replication and eventually lysis.

    1. Phage attach to the host bacterium cell through cell host receptors located on the surface of the host bacterium. The phage then injects their genetic material into the host cell’s cytoplasm

  1. Could you offer a bit more background knowledge as to why you chose to research Mogimi? Was there any previous research that showed any potential?

    1. Mogimi was chosen for research based on its ability to infect and lyse the bacteria M. smegmatis. Previous experiments on bacteriophage samples and M. smegmatis have yielded successful results of bacteriophage infecting and lysing that bacterial strand.

  2. Hi! How did you decide to research Mogimi instead of a different phage? Is it suspected to be helpful in preventing antibiotic resistance?

    1. Mogimi is a bacteriophage that was isolated from a soil sample collected near the CU Boulder campus. Mogimi itself was never intentionally selected, it was simply the bacteriophage that infected M. smegmatis and was isolated through experiments performed in this course. Hope that was helpful!

  3. What is the relevance of the lytic vs lysogenic life cycle in the context of clinical use?

    1. In the context of clinical use, the lytic lifecycle is typically preferred in phage therapy treatment because they kill bacteria immediately at the end of the lytic life cycle, through lysing the bacterium host cell. However, the lysogenic life cycle is not preferred due to the slower life cycle it involves through the integration of its DNA into the host cell genome and eventually cellular replication and lysing.

  4. How does this contribute to the rising problems of the antibiotic resistance in bacterial cells.

    1. The relevance of the experiments performed on Mogimi in the rising problem of antibiotic resistance in bacterial cells is that Mogimi will enter an archived database of other bacteriophage that could potentially be used for phage therapy on antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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