6 thoughts on “P100 – Clay

  1. What attributes does being in the A Cluster have? Are these at all medically relevant, or could they be used for phage therapies in some way?

    1. Being in Cluster A allows for our phage to be applied to bacteria that are affected by Cluster A phage meaning if our phage is able to kill the bacteria effectively.

  2. Why are phage therapies particularly of interest in the context of treating antibiotic resistant bacterial infections; or, in other words, what characteristics of a particular novel phage would make it well adapted to treating a given bacterial infection?

    1. The phage lyse specific bacteria, meaning the bacteria cannot become immune to it since the phage is designed for the bacteria.

  3. What does it mean to be in the A cluster? And how does its cluster relate to is this phage being able or not able for use against anti-microbial resistance? If it’s not able to be used for Anti-microbial resistance what is it most likely suited for experimentally/clinically?

    1. Clustering is a way to compare our phage with other phage so that we know what bacteria are killed by the phage. Similar cluster phage kill similar bacteria. Our phage could be used medically if it gets edited to a specific bacteria.

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