8 thoughts on “P102 – Dolata

    1. Learning about phage biology is important for the development of phage therapy in the future. The specific characteristics of phage allow them to be potential candidates for medical use and should be researched thoroughly!

  1. How effective do you think phage therapy is as a replacement for antibiotics?

    1. I think phage therapy is viable alternative, but should not become a full replacement for antibiotics. Bacteria can potentially generate phage resistance as well, which means there should probably be a balance between the two treatments.

  2. Great job! Were you surprised with the results you got? Was there anything interesting that you noticed in your findings?

    1. The results were not too surprising, however, the PCR test was not able to confirm our hypothesis, which means we might have a different cluster of phage than originally assumed. Overall, our phage produced large plaques compared to other plates as well.

    1. M. smeg is related Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is the main cause of Tuberculosis. Our goal is to research phage that are safe to handle in the lab, and that this research can provide insight to phage therapy for Tuberculosis.

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