4 thoughts on “P103 – Kaur

  1. You said that your PCR results were inconclusive…. what do you think caused it to be inconclusive? And what would your conclusion have been if it did not confirm the restriction digest?

    1. The first PCR test we run had contamination for the entire gel so we hadto run another. We only were able to test two subclusters, but had a 0.8 similarity with a bunch, so we did not want to conclude that it is of the K4 subcluster because there were so many other ones we could’ve tested, but we only had B1 and K4 available to compare to.

    1. From what we tested, the best we can conclude is that it is of the K4 subcluster. But there are other subclusters that we did not have on hand to compare to but could also be a possible answer.

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