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  1. Hello! You mentioned that you began experimenting with the frequency of lysogeny in Rihard, but that the results were not promising. Why is it that the results were not promising? Was there a limitation to the experimental design?

    1. Hi! We first did a spot test using 8 1:10 serial dilutions of M. smeg into LB media and found phage colonies that grew on plates both with and without our HTL up to a concentration of 10^-5. However, when we did a full plate assay of these concentrations, nothing grew. Due to this, we would like to see if varying the concentrations of our medias would have any effect on the growth in the full plates.

    1. Rihard was isolated from a soil sample found underneath snow by a bridge at coordinates 40.0027084 N, -105.2643261 W.

  2. What were the limitations to the experiment? How did they effect the results?

    1. A limitation to this experiment/research is that some phages don’t work as well as others in fighting bacteria. This can be seen in our results as Rihard is a temperate phage meaning it doesn’t kill all of the bacteria and therefore wouldn’t be used in phage therapy.

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